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Annette Young

Annette Young is a full-time author, writer and editor. Originally from the South of England, she has been travelling through Europe for the last 4 years and currently resides in Spain. Although much of her work involves writing fiction and non-fiction for clients in her guise as a ghostwriter, Annette yearned to write a murder mystery novel for many years. Initially, the title came to mind and then the characters…but it was some time before she could indulge in crafting the story-line. After saying goodbye to England, she set up home in an artsy town in the South of France where inspired by the magnificent mountains surrounding her, she wrote Who Killed September Falls? She set the novel in the French town, Ceret and also included Salisbury, the medieval city in England where she grew up.

“Salisbury is not like other cities, it has a natural charm, its foundations steeped in history and where Tudor buildings still stand proud adorning the streets. For me, it seemed the perfect backdrop for this novel leading to sunnier climes where brutality and murder come to play in the sun-drenched narrow streets of France.”

Initially, there was going to be just one novel but but the protagonist, Arianne Tawnison came to life warranting her continuation into other murder mysteries as the journalist who uncovers secrets and lies. Following on from Who Killed September Falls? was the serial Secrets at Cranridge  Manor, placing Arianne in Dorset in England where an unexpected and dangerous mystery comes to light. From this, Arianne Tawnison Mysteries was born and now, there are a multitude of creative works in the process.

“When a character comes to life, you feel their presence as if looking over your shoulder. You begin to view life through their eyes, feel their pain, their joy and you know their deepest secrets.”

Annette is currently working on the sequel…Who Killed Kendra Laine? Where Arianne Tawnison once again has to unravel the mysterious murder, this time of a former colleague.

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Annette Young is the editor of http://creativecompetitor.com a successful writers resource website and the editor of two Facebook pages: The Book Bubble and Love Creative Writing